Sunday, July 3, 2011

Olive Pit

Usually in the city that offers copious amounts of generic chain restaurants and hour long waits to the likes of Red Lobster, there is one glimmer of hope for the city of Brea in that of The Olive Pit.  It is located in a shopping center that houses powerhouse merchandisers like Walmart and Home Depot and yet through all of this is a small, privately owned restaurant that serves up quality classic and modern Greek cuisine. 

This must be the one gem in Brea, and the crowds will reinforce this idea as it can get difficult to find a table and there will be customers eyeing you eat while they too scrounge for a place to eat.  Oh yeah, that they serve Mythos and Chimay beer.  A good start, now all that is left is the food.

I have been here about five times and have been convinced that the food is good to great.  Some dishes are just average while others can be a flavor explosion like the Greek cuisine that I have had in the past.  Grilled octopus that is tender and flavorful with a punch of lemon to make the dish pop to the gyro permeating with spices that will liven your palate.  Mediterranean salads topped with your choice of meat are always a winner.    

On this particular visit I wanted to try something different from my usually so I grabbed to Moussaka.  I classic Greek dish that consists of potato, lamb, and a bechamel sauce, sort of like a Greek lasagna.  It taste just how a Moussaka should taste and the texture of both eggplant and potato were excellent.  



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