Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phillip's BBQ pt. 2

I love BBQ.  I love BBQ and watching college football on saturday and what better way to spend my afternoon eating Phillip's BBQ and watch Oregon trample UCLA.

This time we ordered al la carte. 

Our first item was the Mac n Cheese.


This was one of the better mac n cheeses I have had.  The valveeta and the cheddar went very well and it wasn't too greasy like some I have had in the past.  Definitely order it if you go.

Next is the Rib Tips.


One of my favorite items for BBQ.  Rib tips are essentially just as the name states, the tip of the rib that is cut off of usually a spare rib.  The tips are then smoked and in my honest opinion, the best part of the rib.  Full of smoke flavor, the rib tips are hands down the best meat dish at Phillip's.  The rib tips are sold by the pound a la carte.

Lastly is the Beef Brisket.


Again, not a great piece of brisket.  It is sliced thin, but is very dry and lacks the smoke flavor.  I don't think I will be ordering this anytime soon.  

I will stick with the rib tips and the mac n cheese, oh and the banana pudding is the shit.  Definitely order one of those.  Although they do not make it, it is definitely a great dessert along with the 7-UP cake.  No pics, but I will tell you that they are definitely worth it.

MMMMMM....Rib Tips and Banana Pudding.   

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