Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So this place is hyped as fuck right now. People rant about this place like they have just seen Jesus himself. This is my 2nd time at Kyochon so it really wasn't that new to me. Both times have been to the Rowland Heights location.

I know, I know, let chatting and more food.


So I decided to get a 20 PIECE WING. 10 Garlic Soy and the other 10 Hot.


Okay I did not order the hot wings the previous visit, and I must have had a brain fart or something when I ordered these knowing full well that Korean love their shit hot. I mean they weren't that hot, but it was hot enough to be uncomfortable. I don't know about you but I don't feel like eating and constantly wiping my brow. The garlic soy has to be my favorite anyways, the flavor is just crazy good.

Next I had to get something to eat with the wings, so I ordered the FRIED RICE which came with coleslaw.


This one a waste of money. Although edible, the only thing I would get at Kyochon is the chicken. The coleslaw was just horrible, I needed a wing just to take that nasty taste out of my mouth. The fried rice was edible, but definitely not worth getting. They put some sort of tomato sauce in the rice that I find resembles nothing of fried rice. That slice of orange was probably the best tasting thing in that picture above.

So what have we learned, Do not get the fried rice and anything with chicken gets the green light. We also learned that like many korean places, when it says spicy, it might be a little too hot for you.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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