Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burger Parlor

Until today, I was not really into any of the food offered in Fullerton.  It is most of all, food that appeals to drunk college students looking to score a tattoo and play beer pong til they spew up that greasy chili dog or asian tapas that they had eaten earlier.  Ever so often there are chances to be taken and today was one of those days.  AND IT PAID OFF.  

Burger Parlor offers up some of the best burgers and crispy onion rings in the entire country.  The meat flavorful, the bun a buttery brioche, and onion rings that are just perfection.  

The Mahon burger is a meat, cheese, a pleasantly subdued mustard sauce and pastrami.  I could eat this burger happily while sober and listening to some douchebag faux punk rocker with nose piercings talks about how he thinks Parliament cigarettes are the greatest thing that was ever invented.  Pastrami obviously house made and just enough of an accoutrements to not muddle the flavor of the tasty beef.  
Mahon burger (cooked a perfect medium rare)

What about those perfect beef battered onion rings that should be served in a fine dining restaurant and charge a buttload?  They are about as perfect as Megan Fox.  Texture, taste, and executed to five star perfection.  Take a look for yourself.
Beer Battered Onion Rings 

What else is there to say but get your ass to burger parlor for tasty burgers and even better onion rings?  Also grab a few imported beers like Chimay and BitBurger if you so choose.  

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