Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pho Minh

I am always on the search for some good pho, and since it was a little cold on Saturday, I decided to grab some pho.  Supposedly the broth here at Pho Minh is one of the best in LA.  We shall see!!!

We arrived around 11:00 am and grabbed a seat by the flat screen the watch the football game.

I ordered my usually, Pho w/ Brisket and Tripe.


The broth was nothing exceptional, had great body and depth of flavor, but one of the best....I think not.
The broth was nothing special, as was the meat.  Just an average pho place with cheap prices.  I believe the pho was $4.95.  Although I do not have pics of the spring rolls, I have to say that they were tasty, but average at best.  They do not compare to the spring rolls at Golden Deli.

Can get just as good of Pho right down the street from the house, not worth the drive. 

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