Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ojiya Restaurant and Sushi

Okay, so the sushi at Ojiya has gone a little bit downhill from the past due to change in management and relocation of staff. But it is still pretty good.

I started off with some Kobe Beef Skewers


This was actually very fatty and pretty good actually. The beef was of course the American Wagyu but still a very good version. And not bad for $5.00.

Next I had some Tekka Maki (tuna roll), Ebi (shrimp), and Unagi (eel)


The tekka maki was great although I felt that the the nori was a bit chewy. Usually the nori should be crunchy and fragrant. The rice was not bad though, a bit dongo (gummy) for my liking. The ebi was not sweet and all and was a bit tough, and the wasabi was not existent. The unagi was well executed although I am pretty sure it was the prepackaged kind that is already flavored. Still and nicely toasted topside along with a little fattiness on the bottom.

Overall a nice average sushi and some good small plates.

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