Monday, July 25, 2011

JJ Cafe

Located in the new shopping center just off the 60 freeway between Fullerton Rd. and Nogales, JJ Bakery and Cafe opened up and is busier than ever.  Having seen the crowds and never actually been to the cafe, I decided to give it a go.  The menu is quite unusual with it consisting of many Taiwanese and Japanese cuisine.  I was actually thinking about ordering the Ton Katsu Curry but decided on something a bit more practical.  After much contemplating I finally decided on the house special pork chop bento box.  
House Special Pork Chop Bento Box consisting of rice, garlic brocolli, mixed veggies with bean curd and pickled ginger

The pork chop itself was fairly average as were the rest of the accouterments.  For the price they give you a huge amount of food but nothing that really stands out.  Save the trip and just buy $10 of baked goods and stuff your face in those wonderful Taiwanese pastries and snacks.   

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