Friday, August 21, 2009

Pho Super Bowl

So I am a real fiend when it comes to pho. I am not very picky about pho but when it comes to the broth, I simply cannot stand a watered down version that lacks the intensity of a traditional broth.

I have my regular spots for pho, but this place recently opened near my house so I had to give it a try.

Sat down, ordered and 2 minutes later, my pho arrived.

I ordered what I usually get, pho w/ brisket.


I have to say that for $5.50 and being so close to my house, the pho is was actually worth pretty damn good. Now like I said before, I could care less about the other ingredients like the noodles, but here the noodles were cooked a little "al dente" and the broth is pretty good. The brisket was just like any other brisket at a noodle house, flavoring the broth even more after I after some Sriracha.

I actually visit this place a lot now. Can't beat the price either!!

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