Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sushi Jubei

I have been lagging a bit on my posts due to a somewhat hectic schedule (not really, just lazy) coupled with problematic behavior (namely, I eat the food before taking pics of it).  So I have decided to get back on track and tame my satiated mind.

Sushi Jubei, a Japanese restaurant located in Diamond Bar/Rowland Heights? next to a Korean BBQ and a generic run-of-the-mill yogurt places.  Usually the food is pretty good, fabulous tempura, tradition sukiyaki, and respectably fresh fish.  On this occasion, the fish was not so fresh.  

I ordered the Nigiri Sushi, which was not cheap as is everything else on the menu.  The fish was a bit pasty on the tongue.  


Next time, no sushi at Sushi Jubei, stick with the katsu curry or tempura.

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