Monday, June 14, 2010

Tacos San Pedro

What a gem!!!  I accidentally stumbled upon this place while driving on Lincoln in Anaheim.  The place had a line and was filled with Latinos.  Always a good sign for some authentic Mexican fare.  

Tacos San Pedro is by far the best tacos I have had in Orange County.  I have tried quite a few, yet I have not found a place that serves it up quite like Tacos San Pedro.  

As I walked inside, I gathered some intelligence and looked to see that was popular amongst the customers.  It seemed like everyone was getting tacos, flautas and bowls of menudo.  Since I cannot eat that much and have an obsession with tacos, it was an easy choice. 

Al Pastor

Taco de Pastor

The pork was very flavorful and the meat was juicy as can be.  While this is not the best Al Pastor I have eaten, it was still pretty damn good.  It was very greasy, just the way I like it.  I must also mention that the red salsa is pretty amazing.  Smokey and garlicky that complimented the sweetness of the Al Pastor quite well.


Taco de Cabeza

Another very good taco.  The cabeza is my favorite meat for tacos.  The flavor is unlike any of the other meats and I just adore it.  The cabeza at Tacos San Pedro offers a very good cabeza taco.  the cabeza itself was packed full of flavor.  It could have been a little bit more fatty, but overall a very good rendition.  This taco came with a green salsa which I believe is ground up jalapeno, garlic and cilantro.  Very herbaceous and very very spicy.  It cleared my sinuses in no time.  


Taco de Asada

The asada at Tacos San Pedro is king.  So much flavor and yet so tender and delicious.  The char the put of the meat gives it a really nice depth of flavor.  The accompanying red salsa was killer.  Easily the best meat that Tacos San Pedro offers.  I will be getting many more of these in the near future.

Asada Flautas

Flautas de Asada

Looking around at the dining area, almost every table had at least one order of flautas, so I had to get an order.  WOW!  Another must get item at Tacos San Pedro.  Filled with the same asada as the tacos, these flautas are packed with flavor.  It is topped with some crema, lettuce, guacamole, and queso freso.  Some of the best flautas in the Los Angeles area.  I must try the chicken flautas the next time I visit.  

I am planning on a return visit probably next week.  A perfect lunch with great prices.  Tacos are around $1.75 and are decent size.  A small order of flautas (3) are generously priced at $2.75.  Definitely have to try this place when in the OC.

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