Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oki's Dog

So here is the story. We were driving around in LA and getting hungrier by the minute. Every fuckin place was crowded for some reason. Now we find ourselves on Fairfax and speak up. "what about that fuckin oki dog place?" So we make our way over there and park on the side of the road.

We take a short look at the menu, and decided to grab some OKI DOGS.

If I did not get an Oki Dog I think all my friends and family would disown me. Again, when going to a place called Oki's Dog, and there is a menu item called Oki Dog, I think I had better get that shit.


The Oki Dog itself is about 3 bucks or so and contains 2 hotdogs, pastrami, chili and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Now I wanted to like this thing, but the hot dog just taste like bologna and the chili was just way to salty. Another bite, there's that salty bologna taste again.

Did I mention that it tastes like salty bologna? *pukes*

Verdict: Absolutely Disgusting, get a new hot dog and some better chili and I might come back, very disappointed.

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