Thursday, May 26, 2011

President's Thai - Rowland Heights

Life Plaza, President Thai here I come.  One of my favorite Thai restaurants with multiple locations in S. California.  You will be sent back Thailand from the Panang to the Papaya Salad to the President's Shrimp.

What is President's Shrimp you ask?  Answer: Jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and noodles and then deep fried and served with a tangy, sweet, and spicy chili sauce.  Did I mention it is all on a stick which gives you permission to eat like a cromagnum man.


Another tradition dish, Thai Jerky, while chewy and not  the greatest dish served holds its own.  The sauce that accompanies is very good.  Dunk anything in that sh!t and you are good.


Here is another dish we ordered, if I remember the name I will edit this post.  All I know is that it was some sort of noodle dish and it was good.  I am actually quite embarrassed because I even have a take out menu and still, have no clue what this was.  Usually ordering at President's Thai consists of "Oh that sounds good" or "What is that? I don't know, just order it".  


Shockingly enough, the BBQ Fried Rice was actually quite tasty.  Not sweet, not drenched in coconut milk, just savory fried rice with not to sweet bbq port.  Can not go wrong with this dish.  Just take of look at this mountain of rice and egg.


Aside from what is pictured above, there are some other favorite dishes including a green beef curry, President's roast duck, and pad thai which is one of the better ones I have sampled.

It is a bit more costly, but well worth the extra cash.

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