Monday, September 28, 2009

Phillip's BBQ

BBQ should be one of the great wonders of the world.  Upon arriving I was very excited because this was the place that I have never tried.  

So we grab the combination that comes with BABY BACK RIBS, CHICKEN SAUSAGE, and BBQ CHICKEN.


I must say that the best meat was the ribs.  Smoky with a great flavor, but they were not really that meaty.  The sausage tasted link chicken breakfast sausage, which was okay, but definitely not what I was expecting.  The chicken was okay, moist but not even pink on the inside.  BBQ chicken should be very pink with a smoky flavor.  This on the otherhand did not.  All in all, Phillip's did not stand up to all the hype and I was highly dissappointed.  It simply did not even come close to my standards of great BBQ.  You can find me at Bludso's.


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