Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So basically when I am in Vegas I try to find a good breakfast place. I have been to Bouchon a million times and love the place to death, but I wanted to find another place so I don't have to go to Bouchon every morning. I mean it was sick, like the waiters at Bouchon would give us a look like "them again, god damn". Well not exactly how I worded it, but you get the picture.

So we decided to give this place Tableau a try. I'll be the first one to say that by the looks of the place, it seems a bit snooty. But fuck them, and fuck anyone, I say who gives a shit. It turns out that the place is not at all that snooty. At least for brunch.

Located in some hidden part of the Wynn, you really have to try hard to find this place, but definitely well worth it.

On with the food.

I had the BRAISED KOBE BEEF SHORT RIBS W/ SCAMBLED EGGS, POTATO CAKE and HOLLANDAISE. Notice in the picture I was so excited that I ate a couple bites before realizing I had not taken a picture.


FUCKIN DELICIOUS, one of the best breakfast dishes I have ever had. Definitely contends with or even over-shadows the likes of Bouchon. This was soooooo tasty. The hollandaise was beautiful, a little sweet and savory. The potato cake was the shit which gave the dish a textural contrast which I just adore. The eggs were not just scrambled eggs, this shit tasted like fuckin heaven. And lets not forget the kobe beef short ribs which were cooked perfectly and married the whole dish together.

Fuckin Delicious I tell you.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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