Sunday, August 23, 2009

Payard Patisserie and Bistro

Located in a weird and unexplored part of the Caesar's Palace, this hidden gem dishes out some great pastries. I guess not too many people go here because of the location of the place but it is truly a place you should visit if visiting LV.

Let's face it, Payard has been a pastry chef at Le Bernardin and Daniel to name and few and was named top 40 pastry chefs of the world.

The place is huge as is the selection.

I ordered the Pear Napolean.


A masterpiece of pastry perfection. A gentle balance of sweet and rich from the pear and butter cream, to the nuttiness (from the hazelnut I believe) and crunchy top. This is a flavorful and textural masterpiece. I don't throw around the word masterpiece quite ofter but it deserves it. And what a bargain at around $7.00.

This was so good I had to go for seconds. This time around I chose the some sort of Banana Tart.


Again, like heaven on my tongue. Another great choice, although I don't think there is anything but great choices on the menu. On you way out don't forget to buy some macarons for later.

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