Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shake Shack

During a visit to New York, all I felt like eating was a great burger, which leads me to Shake Shack.  This place was a complete fuckin zoo.  Imagine In n Out about 15-20 years ago and that is exactly how crowded this place gets.

Better yet, here is a pic of this madhouse.



Oh and by the way, got the Shack Burger and Fries.  


The burger was actually pretty good.  I would say that it is a direct copy of In n Out due to the bun being nearly identical, except the fries here are 100 times better.  The meat was fresh and had good texture, but a little salty for my taste.  I have to say though, the bun is probably the best part of the burger hands down (like In n Out).  

I still can't believe I stood out in the freezing cold for this though.

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