Saturday, August 22, 2009

Father's Office - Los Angeles

I really don't like to play into the hype, but when I recently heard that the "Office Burger" was named best burger in America, I had to see what all of the fuss is about since this is in my hometown.

So we arrived about lunch time and ordered at the bar and grabbed a seat (open seating). I ordered the Office Burger w/ frites. There is also a sign above the bar that says "No Substitutions" or some thing of that nature; meaning the food is served as is. I thought to myself, even Burger King makes it your way. Anyways to total was only $14 since I didn't want to drink during the day.


The first bite was pretty damn good. I could tell that the quality of meat was top notch. As I kept eating I noticed that while the burger was cooked to a perfect mid-rare, that I could not taste the bacon that was supposedly in the burger. The onion shit was just too sweet as well. I then proceeded to add the garlic aioli that was given for the frites into the burger and scraped the onion shit out. This makes the burger so much better with the blue and gruyere chese combo. Bread was great and the peppery arugula went really well the bold flavor of the meat.

Now as for the "Best burger in America", I think not. The burger has so much potential yet falls short in my book. Although I thought the flavor of the beef and the bread were well executed. that onion shit and the non-existent bacon simply did not meet my expectations. If you are going to claim to have bacon in your burger, you better not have such a strong flavor as that masked by sweet onion jam shit. I don't get how this can be the "Best burger in America". It is not even in my top 5.

Advice: Scrape that onion shit off and put the garlic aioli in and enjoy. It makes the burger about 10 times better in my book unless you like the taste of onion jam.

Oh and the frites were okay, nothing to brag about. I guess I had such high expectations of the place and it simply fell way short.

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