Sunday, March 22, 2009

BLT Burger

So after seeing this fuckin place, and as crowded as they are, I had to try this place out. I have been to Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay and I have to say I have had a better burger and fries and plenty of other places. But what the fuck, I enjoy a good burger anyways.

So we get there and wait in a small line for about 10 minutes. The place had a similar feel to Burger Bar, like an upscale burger joint.

I decided to order the "BLT" burger which consists of bacon, lettuce and tomato. I had to and american cheese for a dollar more. I also ordered some skinny fries which were just regular french fries.


The burger itself is pretty damn big and pretty tasty. I must say that I have had a better burger but this one was particularly tasty. The best part about the BLT burger itself was the quality of bacon that they topped it off with. The burger compared to Burger Bar is about the same. There is really not that much of a difference between the place.

I would have gotten one of the many deliciously sounding milkshakes but I was way too full to eat anything else.

Conclusion: about the same price and taste as Burger Bar, but plenty better places to get a better burger. Don't order those nasty fries either, stick with the onion rings.


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