Monday, May 30, 2011

Rockenwagner - Santa Monica Place

Rockenwagner bakery is to Santa Monica as hot dog is to mustard.  And given the opportunity, they took full advantage of occupying a retail space in the new Santa Monica Market.  

There were many options to choose from on the menu ranging from sweet or savory souffles to hot and cold sandwiches to salads.  I was very tempted in ordering a mac and cheese souffle but am a bit impatient since you should allow a minimum of 20 minutes.  Instead I ordered the veal sausage sandwich with coleslaw on a pretzel bun.  The veal sausage was delicious, but most pronounced and flavorful was the grainy mustard that was generously slathered throughout the entire sandwich.  I should have asked were they got or if they make this in house; it was strong and just the way I like it.  


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