Monday, September 28, 2009

Tableau pt. 4

Another great option for breakfast or lunch is Tableau in the Wynn.  I absolutely love this place.  

I'll just to get to the food.

I ordered the Kobe Beef Burger with White Cheddar. (medium rare)


As you can see the burger is served with french fries that were good, but not great.  What is not pictured is their ranch dressing that I requested for the fries which was absolutely awesome. One of the best ranch dressings that I have ever had.  The burger itself was juicy and full of beefy flavor.  The bun was great, soft and somewhat sweet like a brioche.  I thought that the sharpness of the cheddar really cut through the richness of the kobe beef.  And for $15, it is a great deal.  The burger is far superior to that of Burger Bar, BLT Burger and Country Club.

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