Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bradley Ogden

Bradley Ogden is a great place to eat, especially in the bar before we head out back to Los Angeles.  You can watch the game, eat a GREAT burger and relax on a sofa at the same time.  

***Another disclaimer, we did try other offerings such as the Maytag Blue Cheese Souffle and the desserts but this is a reviews solely on the Steakburger. ***

We arrived and was seated promptly.  The place was crowded due to many diners trying to grab a quick bite before going to there show right across the casino.  

Ordered a Maytag Blue Cheese Souffle, nothing to brag about, just average for my taste buds.  It seemed to be more of a custard consistency rather than a souffle.

Anyways, enough of this rambling and on to the main event.  THE STEAKBURGER.  

And I am not kidding, this burger tastes like STEAK unlike others that claim to be steak burgers. I.E. >>>APPLE PAN.  But for $5 you can't really complain, just a different level.  

I consider Apple Pan to be a low end burger and Bradley Ogden to be a high end burger.  More like the Rolls Royce of burgers.  

I took this picture with the intention of squeezing it to show exactly how juicy this damn thing is.  Made from Dry Aged Ribeye, Chuck, and Japanese Wagyu, the burger was packed with flavor.  


I kept the burger as is, just aged cheddar, meat and bun.  I truly believe that this is all you need for a burger like this.  Adding mayo or mustard or anything else would just be sin.  Like adding steak sauce to a $60 steak.  You really want to taste the meat and not the sauce.  

First bite and I was in steak heaven.  The flavor of the dry aged ribeye comes through so much and the juiciness of the wagyu only intensifies the beefy flavor.  Best burger in Vegas comes to mind.  Better than the likes of Burger Bar, BLT Burger, LBS, Mesa Grill, Delmonico, Bouchon, and Tableau.  I have not yet tried to infamous burger at Carnevino but so far this is the clear winner.  The meat is a thing of beauty and I don't know if I can emphasize this enough.

The burger came with a side salad and fries.  Salad was just ordinary as were the fries.  Nothing to brag about.  But the burger.... A+++.  

Return Visit: Of Course

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