Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Burger by BLT Restaurants

I was a bit skeptical that Go Burger would be exactly like its cousin, BLT Burger in Las Vegas in which I found the burger to quite delicious while everything leaving everything else quite the opposite.  I finally gave it a go today and wow, it was shockingly amazing.

Upon arriving, Go Burger is not hard to spot at all driving along Sunset Blvd.  What is astounding is that the parking is just terrible.  We ended up parking in the parking garage underneath Borders, which is free 1 hour parking with validation. Thank you Borders for validating out parking without purchasing anything!


Perusing the menu, two items caught my eye.  First, "The Steakhouse" burger which consists of 30 day dry aged meats.  I ordered it.  The other was the Burger of the week which was a lamb burger with harissa.  

The Steakhouse Burger ($18) medium rare


WOW! Where has this burger been all of my life.  The patty was a bit on the small side but who cares, this has to be one of the best burgers in out there.  If you love love dry aged meats and burgers, this burger is perfect for you.  With the burger only coming with caramelized onions, it was all it needed.  I firmly believe that added shit like 1000 island dressing or mayo or some other sauce would truly be a waste.  

Order this burger and you won't be let down by the $18 price tag.  

Skinny Fries



The fries were awesome, crunchy on the exterior yet smooth and creamy on the inside.  Next time I will opt for the duck fat fries.

All in all, I was impressed that this place surpassed that of BLT Burger. Now go order the Steakhouse Burger.

Another reason you should come and visit Go Burger is that side show that this part of Hollywood provides. 

Today was no exception.


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