Sunday, April 17, 2011


When I heard Versailles serves up some good Cuban fare, I was all game.  I believe that the Cuban cuisine in Los Angeles is lacking, whenever a Cuban restaurant opens they usually are not that great with the exception of Porto's (Porto's is not actually a restaurant).  

So after a long drive, we arrived to a packed parking lot and a pretty full dining room.  We were seated promptly and were given time to make our decisions.  

Famoso Pollo Versailles it was.  


I really do not know what is so famous about this chicken, it was moist, tender, crispy skin but it just tasted like citrus, lime lime and more lime.  I thought after a first bite, no way could the whole chicken be this tart and one dimensional.  Another bite and another and still the same result.  What I did enjoy were the plantains and the rice and beans that accompanied the chicken.  Very nicely done and I am a sucker for properly prepared plantains.  Dump the beans on top of the rice and mix it all together and you are Cubano heaven. 

As for the chicken, I don't think I will be ordering that thing any time soon.  I can't believe they sell the marinade in a bottle.  

Repeat visit: maybe, to try the Lechon or the Cubano Sandwich.

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