Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cassell's Burgers

Cassell's Burgers is located in the heart of K-Town in Los Angeles. Right as you walk in the place it some what resembles a cafeteria from you elementary years (or at least mine).

I ordered a 1/3 LB Cheeseburger and an order of Fries. After the food is cooked, there is a bar where you can customize and assemble your burger just how you like it. I love these types of places because you I love my burger drenched in 1000 island dressing and I can add the amount according to my liking.

After adding the essential condiments, you proceed to the register and order drinks and pay.



The first bite was great, a true sign of any good burger. The high quality of the meat really came through and I knew that the "USDA prime" sign on the wall was not just a decoration. No wonder why the burger itself was around $7.00. (A well worth $7.00 by the way) And the fact that you can add your desired amount of condiments only made the experience better. The burger is massive too, I usually don't have trouble getting a 1/3 pounder down but this one was pretty challenging.

As for the fries, I would not order again. There was nothing wrong with them except for the fact that they were just the regular old ordinary frozen variety.

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