Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Steakhouse that was close to the hotel and not really my choice, I would have preferred to go to PJ Clarke's which was right up the street, but since I was not paying there really was not much I could do.  For a weeknight, the place was packed with all types of people and the dress code was casual since there was a group with shorts and golf shoes still on.

We were seated and I began to examine and investigate the other tables food.  Numerous dishes came out and a good majority of them consisted of chicken parmigiana. Have I lost my mind?  Who is the world puts that dish on the menu and who is their right mind orders that dish at a steakhouse.  Was this like a signature dish or something.  Either way, it looked disgusting and did not sound like a steakhouse dish to me.  

I asked the waitress if the steaks were dry aged and she said they were aged, which means wet aged.  I am more of a dry age person but what the hell, I ordered the bone in ribeye and got some broccoli rabe and hash browns. 

My Bone-in Ribeye (24 oz)

My Bone-in Ribeye after cutting a huge piece out of it

Nobody said that this steak was meant for a Fred Flintstone sized person.  Even the "mini" filet mignon was gigantic.  The steak itself was pretty good, juicy and satisfying.  I killed the entire thing and everyone at our table thought I was going to be sick later on.  Fortunately for me, I was not.  Hash browns were tasty, buttery and crunchy on top.  The broccoli rabe was sauteed in butter and garlic and was also a nice addition to the steak.  

Since all the food was gigantic we were all in the mood of falling asleep instead of ordering a dessert.  One great thing is that they have Guinness on tap and it was delicious.  Oh yeah, the steak was pretty good and for $50, that ribeye should feed at least two. 

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