Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wolfe Burger

Wolfe Burger is probably my favorite place to eat in Pasadena.  That's right....WOLFE BURGER.  Why?  Because the food in Pasadena is either way overpriced or simply not that great.  

Wolfe Burger is located just South of the 210 on Lake.  The parking is kinda of cramped if busy, especially around 12.

I ordered my usually, 1/4 LB Burger w/ Cheddar Cheese.


The best part about Wolfe Burger is the condiment bar.  You make your burger just how you like it, and the ranch is damn good.  It is not watered down like most places, full of mayonaise and sour cream and its FREE!!!

Another great thing about Wolfe Burger is the Fries.


These fries are like In n Out fries but done right.  Fresh cut and crispy.  Goes great with the free non watered down ranch.   

The burgers range in size, from 1/4 to a full pound. I just find that the 1/4 lb is the right size for me so that I can order fries with my meal.  

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