Monday, September 7, 2009

Porky's BBQ and Muggie's Chicken and Biscuits (Long Beach)

Located just off Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, Porky's BBQ and Muggie's Chicken and Biscuits is a true contender of great BBQ in Los Angeles.  The place itself sits in the center of a tiny, bright yellow strip mall on Redondo Ave.



The menu has all types of BBQ, but for some reason "The Big One" Pulled Pork Sandwich was calling my name.


Now big is an understatement because this thing is massive.  Over a pound of smoky and flavorful pulled pork, cole slaw, a side of BBQ and four delicious dinner rolls.  The pulled pork was just smoky enough and the coleslaw gave a great texture to the sandwich.  A great pulled pork sandwich which can give any pulled pork sandwich in LA a run for there money. Also noted, the sauce was not overly sweet and had a great smokey flavor as well.

We had to try the Chicken and Biscuits.



Pictured here is the four piece (two breasts and two thighs) and a biscuit.  The chicken was really juicy and the flavor of the seasoned batter was quite tasty.  They also give you this spicy, vinegary, and tangy, I wanna say cheyenne pepper sauce that goes great with the chicken.  The biscuit was also very good, really buttery and moist.  It was like a heart attack in a bite.  Loved it.

For sides we chose the Mac n Cheese.



This looked great when we opened up the container, but the taste is another story.  I feel that this was way to sharp.  The sharpness of the cheddar made the flavor pretty much sour, yes that's right, sour tasting.  I really took two bites, one bite to try it for the first time and the next bite to see if my palate was playing games with me.  But nope, it was a big dissappointment.

Overall, loved the pulled pork sandwich and the fried chicken.  I'll pass on the mac n cheese.  

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