Saturday, May 28, 2011

El Tepeyac - City of Industry

Having been numerous times to the original on Evergreen in Boyle Heights, I decided to give its newest incarnation a try right in the City of Industry.  Famous for their gigantic burritos and quality Mexican fare, I was sold from the minute someone brought up the idea of trying the new location out.

We got there and were greet with a 30 minute wait and a much larger restaurant than the original.  Bar area with beer and wine only, outdoor patio, and main dining room along with a more formal hostess station where names are taken.  Much more different than waiting in line on the street.  

Hungry and anxious, we decided to sit in the "bar area" that serves the full menu and it open seating.  Many others decided as well and the bar soon filled to capacity in minutes while others waited feverishly for a table in the main dining room.  

The menu was the same with the prices being a bit higher, or maybe because I have not been to the original in over two years.

Not feeling like stuffing my face, I decided to get the Chilaquiles con dos heuvos served with rice and beans.  I guess I missed the memo because this plate of food was probably more substantial than ordering a burrito.  I usually eat half a burrito and then call it quits, but I could barely eat a 1/3 of the chilaquiles plate.  Check out this monstrous plate of food.


A very good chilaquiles I might add; crunchy, moist, smothered in runny egg yolk and a bit spicy from the sauce, I was quite satisfied with my selection.  I will be eating the rest of my dinner for lunch tomorrow and maybe even the day after that.  The leftovers I packed up had to weigh close to two pounds.  

I thought that this outpost might suffer from quality of food but it was as good as the original.  I will back, you can count on that.

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