Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sanam Luang Cafe

Talk about a place that you would never find unless someone told you about. Sanam Luang Cafe is that place. Nestled in the corner of a run down strip mall, this Thai restaurant is probably contends for best Thai food.

I still cannot believe that a Thai place like this chose such a location. It is bordering gangland and the barrio. Nevertheless, ganglands or Mexicans are not going to stop me from enjoy the cuisine.

Lets start off with one of my favorite Thai dishes, GENERAL NOODLE SOUP.


Being a lover of noodle soups, this particular General's Noodle Soup was above average. The broth is what separates it from the others. It's all about the broth.

Next we have an appetizer of DEEP FRIED GARLIC SPARE RIBS.


I think this dish speaks for itself. Everything about the dish screams FUCKIN DELICIOUS.

In the background is the PAD THAI which is an above average take on the dish. Not as sweet as the other ones I have had.

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