Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bludso's BBQ

Bludso's BBQ is located in the middle of Compton on Long Beach Blvd.  The place is right off the street and usually has a small line out the door every time we have gone.

The best deal there is the Texas Sampler which includes Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket, Rib Tips, Chicken, Beef and Chicken Sausage, and Pulled Pork.  It also comes with two sides, so we opted for the Mac n Cheese and the Baked Beans.


-Pork Ribs: So far, the best ribs in LA period.  Nobody in LA can even touch Bludso's ribs.  Perfect smokiness and the rub is great.  So moist and just a perfect rib.

-Beef Brisket: By far the best beef brisket in town.  Moist, juicy and the cut of brisket is top notch.  Has a perfectly pink smoke ring and the flavor is awesome.

-Chicken and Beef Sausage: Now I don't know if Bludso's makes their sausage or buys it, but it is so good.  The spices are unique only to Bludso's.  I love the cumin that really stands up to the BBQ.  I liked the chicken better than the beef, but would be completely happy with both of them.  Bludso's, if you read this, tell me what is in the sausages.  My favorite item, well that or the rib tips or the ribs.  

-Rib Tips: This is a beautiful thing.  Meaty, smoky, and juicy as hell.  The flavor of these bad boy are so good, so much better than the regular ribs.  Although one time the ribs were really spectacular.  But the rib tips are consistently one of my favorite items on the menu.

-Pulled Pork: This is the one item that is just okay and I could live without.  Juicy but lacks the flavor that the other items offer.  Although, if you are lucky and get mostly bark, the flavor might be a little better.

-Chicken: Another smoky and flavorful item.  Juicy and full of that great sweet smoke flavor. 

-Mac n Cheese: The mac n cheese is just okay.  Very cheesy and full of egg.  I really enjoy the mac n cheese with egg, which really gives structure to the dish.  Good, but there are better out there.

-Baked Beans: The baked beans here are great.  A very unique flavor that sets them apart from the rest.  Once you taste them you can tell that the beans at Bludso's are truly a unique flavor.  

Overall, Bludso's offers the best BBQ in LA that I have encountered. 

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