Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skooner or Later

So I was out in Long Beach and was getting hungry. So I stopped the car the to take a leak and out of nowhere this restaurant appears and it is pretty crowded. So I to myself, "what the fuck, why not". The place was pretty packed so that was a pretty good sign to me that it can't be that bad.

The place is connected to like some boating or scuba place, and in the back the restaurant is right on the dock overlooking the boats.

I we are seated indoors, cuz for me I could give a ratass if I was sitting outside near the water. The menu had all the classic things you would find at a brunch/lunch type place. Burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, and BEER...

So I am looking at the menu deciding what to eat and I see this thing called "THE MESS" which states that the dish is world famous. How could I not order this thing, it says world famous and everything else on the menu was just ordinary diner food.


So here I am eating this place of breakfast. A mixture of potato, cheese, egg, bell pepper, onion, sausage, and I think ham as well. Let me put it this way, it tasted just fine, but there was nothing to brag about.

I believe this place is intended for you to have a beer out on the docks for breakfast. This food is relatively a step above average at best and I believe people like it just to look out on the water. If it was me, I would eat on BBQ from the hood, on the hood of my car before going back to this place.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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