Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hamamori Restaurant

After a whole day of shopping at guess where else, South Mutha Freakin Coast Plaza, I was ready to eat. I had been utterly disappointed for lunch at CCQ and wanted to say sorry to my taste buds.

This is my second time going here and I must say, I really enjoy this place. I don't understand why this place is never busy when t they put out such great quality food. Maybe it is the price, either way, if I am at South Coast Plaza this place is definitely a top choice.

Now enough of this blah blah blah, and more with the fuckin food.

To start off, we ordered the SPICY TUNA CRISPY PIZZA.


This was a very well executed dish. The bottom was some sort of rice cake that was battered and deep fried. Then after they spread a generous amount of spicy tuna of top. Really really enjoyed this appetizer. The contrast in textures and the perfect balance of ingredients makes this a perfect dish in my eyes.

Being part Japanese I simply could not go without trying the sushi.

For my entree I decided on the SUSHI COMBINATION.


Fresh, Fresh, Fresh...........the sushi here was fuckin delicious. Octopus was how it should be, raw, not cooked. I am really an Uni aficionado and I have to tell you that shit was smooth as a babies butt. Just how uni should be. Overall very good and priced at around $30 dollars.



I have to say this was just an okay dish. I mean it was good but definitely not great. Black Cod has been played out to death already. Like I need to see another Japanese restaurant beat the holy fuck out of a dead horse again. But I had to order it just to see how it compared. I have had better.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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