Monday, May 23, 2011

El Gallo Giro - Santa Ana

I have been meaning to make a post about El Gallo Giro for a few months now but never managed to take a picture of my food in time because I woofed it down so fast.  They offer the pretty basic variety of Mexican dishes including some specialties such as their carnitas and the famous Torta Cubana.  

This is my go to item to order there, so many flavors, textures, layers of food that all mess into a cohesive and utter brilliant sandwich.  

Torta Cubana


Just take a look at this picture.  My first impression looking at it before eating was how the hell am I going to eat this without spilling everything all over my white shirt that I just so happened to wear that day.  The seating is only counter and only increases the chance of spilling your food all over yourself.  

After asking a worker for a knife I began to attack this massive sandwich.  First bite: Wow! So heavy and rich yet the pickled onions and peppers seems to lighten it up a tiny bit and added the perfect amount acidity.  It consists of ham, pierna (marinated pork leg), milanesa (breaded steak), and head cheese and that is only the meats.  It also has lettuce, tomato, some sort of Mexican cheese, avacado crema, refried beans and some sort of sauce (Or maybe it was the grease from the meat?)  This is all served on a round "bolillo" which is a Mexican bread that is flat and soft on the inside.

This sandwich is messy, greasy, gigantic, and delicious.  I highly suggest ordering one and something with carnitas as well since they are pretty good too.  Next I will be back to try either a different torta or the chile verde which looked fantastic as well.

Don't forget to check out the bakery on the other side of the place, it is one of the better Mexican bakeries and the goods are not dry.  I got some bolillos and a pineapple cake to go.  Next time, tres leches cake.  :DROOL:

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