Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dry Aging Project

I must admit, I am a dry aged beef aficionado.  Having some extra time and an empty mini fridge, I decided to give it a try.  

Meat: The meat is CAB Choice bone in rib roast.  I heard that you must have a fat cap and a bone in piece of meat so that it protects the meat during the aging process.

Equipment: My project is actually quite cost saving so long as you have a mini fridge that is not in use already.  Other minor equipment used were a fridge thermometer and a butchers knife.  Paper towels were also used but clean cheap towel would also suffice.

Time: I decided on 28 days since this would be a test run but I initially wanted 35-45 days. I will save that for my next one.

How To: All I did was dry off any initial moisture on the meat with paper towels and then just plopped it in the fridge.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Picture Timeline:

Day 7

Dry Aged - Day 7

Day 9

Dry Aged- 9 Days

Day 12

Dry Aged- 12 Days

Day 14

Dry Aged- 14 Days

Day 17

Dry Aged - 17 Days

Day 21

Dry Aged - 21 Days

Day 28...Finally its done!

Dry Aged - 28 Days

Time to trim

Scraps from butchering.

Done Butchering

Finished, 3 - 1 pound ribeyes.

28 day dry aged ribeyes

The finished product was great, after pan searing a couple for dinner, it was better than many high end steakhouses that I have been to.  I will definitely be aging more meat at home.  Total cost for the meat ended up at around $30 (or 5lbs @ $5.99/lb) so the ending cost after butchering and discarding of the bones came to $10/lb.  Not a bad price considering you would pay upwards of $50/lb at a high end restaurant.

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