Sunday, August 23, 2009

Noodle World - Monterey Park

Noodle World is located in the old Bob's Big Boy in Monterey Park. They feature different noodle dishes from all over the world, but is of Thai decent.

Being a noodle aficionado I just have to try a couple. I first start off with Shoyu Ramen and Egg Rolls.


This is a very difficult dish to make, and this definitely fell short from the mark. I should have known since my ramen standards are set pretty high due to the likes of Santouka and Daikokuya. This was did not even really represent much of a traditional shoyu ramen. My fault on even ordering this dish.

Next came the Wonton Noodle Soup w/ BBQ Pork.


This on the other hand was simply magical. I have had a really good wonton noodle soup before and this one could compete with any of them. The broth came smokin hot and had so much depth of flavor. And the plentiful amount of wontons along with the perfectly cooked/seasoned bbq pork made for a truly wonderful dish.

The egg noodles, which usually come with wonton noodle soup, were just ordinary noodles cooked perfectly. But it was the broth that stood out to me. Dip the egg rolls inside the broth and "POW". Screw the little sweet chili sauce it comes with, I am dipping mine in the broth. The flavor absorbs deeply into the eggroll making the crunchy exterior just soft enough for a perfect flaky yet crunchy bite.

As it stands, I simply would come here just for the bbq wonton noodle soup and a side order of eggrolls. Each dish weighing in at about $5.00. What a deal!!!

Don't order the ramen though especially if you have tried any decent shio and tonkatsu broth. It simply cannot compete.

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