Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bouchon Bakery

Now I have been to Bouchon in Las Vegas many times but I wanted to make this post about bakery.  Bouchon Bakery has some of the best pastries, sweets and desserts on the planet.

We arrived and for some reason there was a huge swarm of people. 


Here are some pics of the displays.  Note I did not take pictures of the entire set up because of the exorbitant amount of customers behind me and did not want to hold the line up.



Because I had just eaten at Shake Shack, I wasn't really that hungry so I decided to pick up some snacks to snack on later in the hotel room. 

First I opted for the Macarons.


Now let me go on record and say that I have had my fair share of macarons from places like Payard and Fachon.  The ones at Bouchon Bakery kill them all. The best flavor of all of them is the Pistachio (the green one).  And the best part is that they are macarons on steroids.  

I also grabbed a Nutter Butter as well.


These things are like heaven.  The texture of the cookie is so good.  The texture of the peanut butter filling is so creamy and silky on your tongue.  I had to go back the next day and grab a few more of these babies.  

Only problem I have with these ones in New York is that they are twice as big as the ones they sell in Las Vegas for the same price.  What the heck, look at my hand compared to the Nutter Butter from New York.  That thing is monstrous.  I wish I could say the same about the ones from Las Vegas. 

Is the rent that high in the Venetian that they need to downside on Nutter Butters?

Anyways, wow I love Bouchon!!!

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