Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pollo A La Brasa

Located in Koreatown and in Gardena, Pollo A La Brasa serves up some damn good chicken.  Basically Peruvian rotisserie chicken that is cooked low and slow over a wood fire, this chicken has got to be in contention of the best in the world.  So smokey and juicy.

Whole Chicken w/ Two Sides (Fries and Rice) and Side and Two Side orders of Tortillas.


I also want the whole world to know that yes, I am the type of person that puts his (or her) chicken on top of the fries and rice so that all that chicken goodness smothers it.  That green hot sauce, which I think is made from a pepper indigenous to Peru, is fuckin delicious.  Corn tortilla, rice, a little chicken, and that green sauce and KABOOM!!!  Flavor explosion in your mouth.  The fries are worth an extra nod as well.  Some may not like them, but to me they are packed with potato flavor and go so well with those chicken juice.

Don't let this place fool you, it looks ghetto but the people are always friendly and the food is some of the best LA has to offer.


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