Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnitas Los Reyes

Best tacos in OC, and maybe even the whole Los Angeles proper?  

Carnitas Los Reyes has to be in the discussion.  From the more casual meats like the carnitas and carne asada to the adventurous ones of lengua and buche, Carnitas Los Reyes delivers on taste and texture in offering some of the best tacos around.  

At $1.15 per, these tacos are not only significantly larger than most, but are addictively good.  Some of the best lengua I have sampled, tender and flavorfull chicken, rich and intense carnitas, and the best chicharron I have had to date.  And for $5, you can eat like a king.  An added bonus is that they also give you free chips, salsa, and pickled carrots and peppers, what a fuckin deal.  

Probably my favorite meat, the chicharron here is both crunchy, moist and filled with unctuous pork with a salsa that has just the right amount of heat and acidity to balance the heavy meat.  Definitely order a couple of those, you won't regret it.


And for all you diet going people out there, this is not the taco for you.  Check out my plate after I demolished that chicharron taco.  I wish I had ordered a couple more but two tacos and a sope is enough for 


Here is a chicken taco, tender, full flavored, and another great option for those who want a bit more healthier option.  Notice I said a bit, because I am truly sincere when I say that.


And don't forget to grab a sope, at $2.50 these things are that good.  Crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle the sope is slathered with some great tasting beans and topped with your meat of choice, lettuce, tomato and cotija cheese.  Must order one.  Here is my sope de carne asada.  I usually get the buche but for some reason I ventured into the steak and was pleasantly surprised.  Next time buche, it is that good.


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