Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Luscious Dumpling

Luscious Dumpling is located in a tiny strip mall in San Gabriel.  The place only has about 8 tables and I believe I counted 24 seats.  The menu is pretty straight forward, dumplings (boiled, steamed, or fried) and noodle soup.

They start you off with some Pickled Celery and Firm Tofu.


A nice flavor, and very pretty tasty.  I thought it clensed the palate quite well for the next dish.

The first dish to come out was the Noodle Soup w/ Brisket.


Very clean tasting, but a little bland for my taste.  I had to liven it up with a little chili oil that is there on the table.  The brisket itself was cooked very well, so soft and the flavor was beefy and a little fatty.  

Next came the Shrimp, Pork, and Chive Steamed Dumpling.


This was probably my favorite out of the three that we had.  The flavor of the shrimp come through quite well, and was not masked by the subtle pork flavor.  The chive adds a great herbacious touch to the dish.  Dipped in my mixture of vinegar, ginger and chili oil and it was a perfect dish.  

Followed by them came the Juicy Pork Steamed Dumpling.


This pork dumpling had a great pork flavor and a perfect amount of seasoning that created a great sensation in my mouth.  Truly one of the best pork dumplings I have had in my life.  

Lastly is the Pan Fried Pork, Glass Noodle and Egg Dumpling.


A very nice combination of flavors, but was just okay.  If anything, I would get the pan fried pork dumplings which sell out fast due to its popularity.  The flavor was a little bland and thought it needed a boost of hoisin to give it some foundation.  But overall a very subtle and delicious dumpling.  

In short, this place makes really good dumplings.  The pork dumpling might very well be the best I have had in LA.  Very flavorful and you really get you money's worth here. 

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