Tuesday, June 14, 2011


First things first, my first impression of Kefi as we walking through the front door was, "Wow, this place is packed on a Monday night!"  I managed to get a table after a few minutes wait and ordered some beverages.

So many delicious entrees and appetizers to choose from, at least half the menu was a viable option.  But I could only choose one and the lamb burger was calling my name.  It came with chips and a salad.


The burger had a nice char which added some smokiness to the burger, a nice addition to the burger which was filled with an herbaceous punch in every bite.  There was also some sort of sauce that had great flavor.  What was even more surprising was how good the salad was.  It was fantastic, feathered with marinated tomatoes, a not too tangy feta cheese, oregano, dill and olives.  If my mother had fed me this salad as a child I might have been a vegetarian (or not?).  I usually cringe at the sight of tomatoes but these ones were fresh, high quality, and marinated in some sort of olive oil based dressing.  They were definitely not the nasty, acidic tasting ones you usually get.

We also ordered this strange dessert called Galaktobouriko with orange spoon fruit.  It was fantastic, not too sweet, and just the right amount of richness.  It was like a custard/cake topped with candied orange peel.  Excellent.

Kefi, I will definitely be back on my next vacation.

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