Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Umami Burger

I love burgers, and in my on going search for the best burger in LA, Umami Burger was a must stop.  

We arrived around noon and the place there were a few people inside.  The menu is pretty straight foward, burgers and fries.

I opted for the Umami Burger. (medium rare)


The flavor of the meat is what really stood out to me.  The beef itself was juicy and cooked perfect.  The bun reminded me of the kind you get at wonder bread though, and the flavor was similar in taste, sweet and a little doughy.  The burger comes with mushrooms, sun dried tomato, parmesan cheese and the house umami sauce.  The flavor combination was interesting, but not mind blowingly good.  I should have gotten the truffle burger since I order everything with truffle in it.

Also ordered some Triple Fried Fries and Beer Battered Tempura Onion Rings w/ Garlic Aoili.



Let me start with the fries.  These things are just nasty.  It tasted exactly like a baked potato but with a crispy exterior.  Wow they were starchy and disgusting.  The onion rings on the otherhand were great.  A little bit greasy but the flavor of the batter was simply sublime.  They were perfectly crispy.  The ketchup that came with it sort of had a katsu sauce complexity mixed with a tomato base I am guessing.  Either way, I would stay far away from the fries unless you like fried baked potatoes.  

Overall, I could eat here again.  Not the best in LA though.

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