Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop

This has to be one of my favorite places to eat for Hawaiian food. I know, its located inside of a bowling alley. Well this coffee shop located in a bowling alley will shit on places like cheesecake factory and most Hawaiian restaurants.

We go to this place regularly. If you love Hawaiian food like I do, you will love this place. The actually cuisine is Japanese Hawaiian so the menu does have Japanese food as well which is not bad either.

But when I come to the Gardena Bowl, I must have something that contains the house made Portuguese Sausage. This is hands down my favorite Portuguese Sausage on earth. Now I like the link Portuguese Sausage, but the patty kind is just on another level.

On this particular trip I decided to get the PORTUGUESE SAUSAGE MIX.


Oh man, I can eat this every time I visit this place and it will be just as good. I just love this dish, so simple yet to flavorful. And don't forget it contains that ever so delicious Portuguese Sausage patty that is the end all of Portuguese Sausage.

Fuckin DEEE-licious.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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