Sunday, February 13, 2011

DG Burger

Located in Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza, this place sucked.  It that short enough for you.  I mean it didn't suck, but it sure was a huge let down.  Tasteless meat, nasty bun, and terrible service.  If you do decide to give this place a shot, make sure to order the fries since they were the only bright spot of the meal.  Oh yeah and the ice tea was not half bad either.  

But onto the meal...

DG Burger with Fries and Bacon Aioli


Meat had zero flavor.  Fries were great and so was the bacon aioli.  What really sucked was that I was expecting at least a decent burger with some flavor. NOT happening here.  Price is very high for what you get.  This place has nothing on Umami burger or Morton's.

End Rant.  Oh yeah, this place sucks, almost.

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