Monday, June 27, 2011

Cafe Suehiro

Oyakodon is one of my favorite donburi, mainly because of they put an egg on top and the chicken is usually very tender.  An it was no exception at Cafe Suehiro.  And at around $7 for it, this is a win win dish either way.  Sure you can get oyakodon better, but also for twice the price.  Nothing fancy in this one, just chicken, egg, onions, rice and a bit of scallion.  This curtails an oyakodon that you would make at home yet avoiding the hassle of tedious preparation.


Sweet, a touch salty and rich from the egg and the rice to soak up all the savory sweet juice, I would order this dish again in a heartbeat.  Forget all the "foo-foo" ingredients like mushrooms that jack the price up to $12, it is absurd that places do that.

I'll stick with Cafe Suehiro.

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