Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bouchon pt. 6

Six mentions and I don't know how many times I have eaten at this place, but Thomas Keller has me hooked.  Went to breakfast and had the usually, but I wanted to tell you about this...

Apple Croissant


Order this now!!!  From either the Bakery or the Restaurant (at breakfast or brunch).  I thought the strawberry croissant was delicious, the apple is just that good.  I had to stop by the Bakery and buy a couple for the road on the way out of town along with my usual two nutter butters and some coffee. 

After devouring two apple croissants, I made sure that we eat there for dinner that same night.  Mind you this was a Tuesday night yet for some strange reason I decided to make the reservation just in case.  Good thing, because the place was packed for dinner.  Did I mention this was a Tuesday night, one of the slowest nights for restaurants. 

After getting seating and refreshing my memory on the menu, I opted for the special...

Lamb Shank with Vegetables and Lamb Jus


WOW!!!  Best Lamb Shank Ever!!! Grand Slam. Hat Trick. Slam Dunk.  Touchdown.  

All I have to say is order this if it is on the specials menu and anticipate a very moist lamb shank with an unbelievably good Lamb Jus.  Just remember, LAMB JUS and thank me later.

BYE BYE now.

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