Sunday, February 21, 2010


Another high end burger joint, LBS is located in the Red Rock Casino and Resort.  I am a burger fiend and when I heard that this place popped up, I was all over it.

Less talk, more food.

I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger w/ LBS Sauce.


The meat inside the burger was great.  Nice and juicy and great flavor.  There is a huge but......the LBS is nasty.  Worst part about it is that it completely masks the taste of the meat.  The only time I could really taste the burger was when I was eating around the outside where there was minimal LBS sauce.  Those fuckers drenched that shit.  And the LBS sauce sucked balls too.  It tasted like cocktail sauce and ketchup mixed together.  Maybe next time I'll just stick with thousand island on the side.  Another huge but.........the fries completely sucked.  Just look at the picture, those poor excuse for fries were soggy and nasty.  I don't understand how you could even serve those pitiful things. 

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