Thursday, May 26, 2011

El Farolito

El Farolito, why did you have to be so gringo-fied.  After driving around Placentia doing who knows what in that town of nothingness, we found our way to El Farolito aided by the Yelp! app on my phone.  I only use this thing in times of desperation, because like this occasion leads to unexpectedly terribly food.

I shouldn't say terrible because it was far from inedible, but terrible in that what was once Mexican had been made to the palate of gringos.  Nothing pains me more than sitting in a Mexican restaurant without the Mexicans.  I knew what I was in for the moment I stepped into the restaurant and took a quick glance, Mexican food slopped with red or green sauce and a healthy glop of sour cream.

I ordered a beef burrito, some sort of popular dish that was pointed out to me on the menu, another ploy.  It was not disgusting nor inedible, just not Mexican.  No thanks, you can catch me at Carnitas Los Reyes sitting next to a room full of Chicanos and eating tacos de chicharron and watching futbol (or in Carnitas Los Reyes case, Angels beisbol).

Just look at this burrito, it tastes exactly how it looks.  Like a burrito slopped in red sauce with that annoying glop of sour cream.


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