Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dragon Mark

Located in the same shopping center as J n J and Mei Long Village, Dragon Mark and the likes all serve Shanghai cuisine. While I like all three, I must say that Dragon Mark is probably my favorite.

Now Dragon Mark has average food, but some dishes are just done right and are exceptional. And luckily enough for the non-chinese speaking population, most of them are on the pictures of the posters hanging on the walls and on the menu.

One of my favorite dishes is the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings.


Now these bad boys are so juicy that there is more juice than Xiao Long Bao. The intense pork flavor that oozes out of them is like a flavor grenade, just exploding in your mouth. The crunch of the crispy fried skin adds just another dimension of culinary perfection.

Although Dragon Mark does serve Xiao Long Bao, I feel that these are much much better.

Another dish that Dragon Mark does very well is the Green Onion Pancake and the Shanghai Style Lo Mein.


The green onion pancake is crispy yet flakey at the same time. This pancake is filled with a generous amount of green onion which makes them even more appetizing. Top it off with some chili oil and that green pickled topping and *drool*.

The Shanghai style noodles were above average, with a generous amount of pork and just the right amount of seasoning. The dish itself is a bit greasy, but hey all Chinese food is greasy. That is what you come to expect. There is nothing worse than a person claiming that there Chinese food is too greasy, ITS CHINESE FOOD FOR CHRIST SAKES.

Overall another satisfied meal and cheap as well.

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