Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 oz. Burger Bar

I would like to consider myself a burger connoisseur of LA, yet have yet to try 8 oz Burger Bar on Melrose.  I don't really have any knowledge of the place, except that it seems like a these burger/bar hybrids have been popping up everywhere.  

We arrive and like always, there is never any parking on Melrose.  So we park in a neighborhood and decide to trek it on foot.  

We got there pretty early, so there was only a handful of people in there.

I decided on the Melrose Combo which comes with the Melrose Burger, side and a drink.


The burger itself comes with the house blend beef, baby arugala, garlic roasted tomatoes, and a red onion marmalade.  The burger itself was juicy, yet lacked the flavor of a great burger.  The menu says that the house blend consists of short ribs, sirloin, tri tip, and chuck, yet I found that the only flavor I really recognized was the sirloin.  I did find the garlic roasted tomatoes to be very tasty, pairing well with the sweetness of the onion relish.  

The Kennebec fries were good, not the best.  I actually described them as crispier higher quality Islands fries.  The taste is similar, yet a little less starchy and a bit more crunchy.

Another item that we tried was the 8 oz. Burger and Stout Battered Onion Rings.


This burger comes with iceberg lettuce, pickle, tomato, white onion, and 8 oz. special sauce.  Another mediocre burger, since I was not very fond of the house blend beef.  The bun was good, but I really cannot call the burgers here great, since the beef was not superb.  Cooked to a perfect mid-rare, the burger was again juicy and not at all dry.

However, the onion rings were fuckin great.  One of the best onion rings in LA.  I was suprised how good these damn things are.  Too bad they only give you like eight onion rings per order.  I have recently tried the rings at Umami, and these completely smash the ones there.  I would go here just for these puppies.

I might add, that the ice tea was also above average, had to take some to go for the road.


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