Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minetta Tavern

With all the hype surrounding one burger, I had to try it.  While supplied with the famous "Black Label Blend" by Pat LaFrieda, Minetta Tavern is the only place that serves it.

The blend is an assortment of meats and including some dry aged meats as well.  


I ordered it med rare.  When it came to the table I was a bit surprised at how smallish it was.  It was maybe five to six ounces.  First bite, wow did that taste good.  The dry age is not that pronounced as other burgers that I have had but just enough so that you know it is there.  The burger is very juicy and very fatty, filled with unctuous bite after unctuous bite.  No wonder why the burger was on the smaller side.  Sweet carmelized onions adjourned the meat and bun in a symphony of taste and texture.  

Minetta Tavern delivers the goods, but at a steep price of $26.  It is probably my second favorite burger to date, second to Bradley Ogden in Las Vegas.  This burger is a must try for all burger lovers out there, you will not be disappointed.    

Another pic just for the hell of it.


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